Shopping for Unique Gifts for Her

Shopping online for unique gifts for her  - whether she's a fashionista, a supermom, a health nut or a homebody - is only difficult if you haven't given any thought to what you want to say and what you want to have happen.

I'll tell you what I mean.

A gift for a woman you've only been dating for a couple of months will be quite different from the gift you buy for that same woman when you've been living together for a couple of years.

Know why?

It's Because a Gift is a Communication !

When you've just met the lady you want the present to say something along the lines of, "You're fun to be with and I want you to know I'm a sensitive sort of guy who doesn't forget birthdays." 

Your message is simply that you want to continue to get to know her.  You can  acknowledge that with a relatively generic gift on her birthday, on Valentines Day, Hanukah or Christmas.  Click on the gift bag to the left for some gift ideas if the relationship is still on the launch pad.

When you've been living together and come to know her needs, fears, successes and disappointments, you'll want your gift to take the whole person into consideration. You'll be wanting to look for unique gifts for her.

If she's a romantic sort you might want to buy something that says "I remembered that you've always dreamed about ...(fill in the blanks)...?"

But if the lady is more down to earth it might be a good idea to have a face to face conversation .... "I remember that you were talking about buying ...(fill in the blanks)...for the apartment and I thought maybe we could pick one out as your birthday present."

Just keep in mind that the gift is a communication and that . . .

A Communication is a Two Way Street !

If your lady friend is a romantic don't go out and buy a new ceiling fan...even if it's for the bedroom! 

If she's the logical and realistic type who doesn't want to waste money maybe the ceiling fan would be the perfect gift because she'd roll her eyes if you came home with diamond stud earrings.

Your job is to think of some unique gifts for her that say "I love YOU and I want to be with YOU" in a way that your lady can hear. 

Do any of these personality types represent your lady?

The Romantic Fashionista

Home is Where Her Heart Is

The Healthy Activist


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