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Don't let stress and confusion get in the way of finding the perfect gifts for your family and friends.  Empressive Gifts has solutions to your gift buying quandries.

How to Choose a Gift:

When you're looking for a unique gift idea come here for advice!

Buying Gifts for Girlfriends

Shopping for unique gifts for that special "Her".

The best gifts for a girlfriend you've just met.

Gifts for girlfriends when the relationship is young.

Gifts for girlfriend when you suddenly realize it's serious.

Gifts for your girlfriend is easier when you can figure out where you are in the game.

Girlfriend gift ideas when the relationship is long term.

Should you be thinking about romantic gifts for your girlfriend.

Romantic gifts for girlfriends of any age and for any occasion.

Stuff to think about when buying a romantic gift for a girlfriend.

Gift for Moms

Great gifts for Moms - from kids of all ages

An Ojibwa elder's gift to his people

Best gifts for your Mom

Best Mother's Day gifts

Personalized Mother's Day gifts

Send flowers on Mothers Day

Best birthday gift ideas for Mom

Unique Mothers Day gifts

Gifts to Mom's who are Single Parents

Gifts for Moms of Special Needs Children

Homemade Mother's Day gifts

Handmade gifts for Mom

Gifts Ideas for the Wife

Gifts for wife

Gifts Ideas for wife

Best gifts for wife

Gift ideas for wives

Gift ideas for the wife

Gifts for wives

Gifts for pregnant wife

Presents for her

Birthday gift for wife

Special gifts for her

Great gifts for her

Gifts for Grandmas

Unusual gifts for grandma

Unique gifts for grandma

Gift Ideas for Husbands

The ideal man

Gifts for Boyfriends

Boyfriend gifts for the naive

Gifts for Dads

The best Father's Day gifts

Gifts for Grandpas

Best gift ideas for grandpas

Empress - the village and the news

The Gift Shop where this all started

History of the Bank

Services available in the village of Empress Alberta

Places to go when you visit Empress

Sagebrush Studios

Self conducted tour of historic catalogue homes

Empress Station Museum

Things to Do - upcoming events in the village

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