Services Available in Empress, Alberta

Today the population of Empress hovers in the neighbourhood of 135 people.  We're blessed that 20 of them are children!

Very Empressive Gas

Gas and Diesel are available from Empressive Gifts at 309 Centre Street.

The pumps open at 6:00 in the morning and are shut down at 9:00 at night.  Phone if you have an after hours emergency because its a looooong way to the next gas station.

Empress Automotive

Mike Prosser is used to working in a remote village where spare parts aren't always close at hand. He'll do his best to get your vehicle back on the road.

Groceries and Convenience Store


This is the "Corner Store" at Empressive Gifts...two bookshelves at right angles in a corner of the gallery next to the bank vault.   It doesn't look like much but its seldom that we don't have at least one of whatever it is you just ran out of.  We even had sambal oleek on hand when a snide customer tried to get the better of us!

Milk, eggs, cheese, butter, frozen meat and veggies are at hand.  Pop, chocolate bars, chips and cigarettes are also available.

Empressive Cafe

The Empressive Gift Shop's cafe is always open but likes to confine itself to breakfasts, soup and sandwiches, pastries and cinnamon buns to make room for Dan to be able to make a living from his restaurant. (It's a small town...we do that sort of thing.)

Sunday Brunch  10am - 2 pm only $10

Dan's Restaurant


The Coffee Break is a full service restaurant that operates year round in the curling and skating Agridome.  Dan, the cook, has a weekly prime rib dinner for $13 and it includes salads, dessert and coffee!  Alberta beef at its best.

Tuesday to Saturday  10 am to 8 pm

Forksview Motel

The Empress Forksview Motel & Manor is a completely furnished apartment motel. Each of the eight suites has a living room, bedroom and a kitchen that includes a regular stove, a microwave, coffee pot, dishes and cooking utensils.  Laundry facilities are available.

Monthly rates for work crews can be arranged.


Fully serviced lots are available in town for $25 per night or $600 per month. Unserviced lots closer to the river are $15 per night.

There is a shower house and a dumping station near the unserviced lots.

The camping spaces are available on a first come first serve basis but competition for the lots is usually only an issue during third week of July when Empress Daze and the Summer Bonspiel are held.  The Centennial Celebrations will be going on at the same time in 2014.


Two homecare nurses work in the community and a mental health nurse makes weekly visits.  Recently a nurse practitioner has been assigned to the area.  She can diagnose, order tests and write prescriptions.  That's taken some of the pressure off the two doctors in Oyen (45 minutes north) and means we don't have to travel out of town just to get a prescription re-written.

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