Send Flowers On Mothers Day?  Of Course!

Online Florists Deliver to Most
North American and European Cities

It's easy to send flowers on Mothers Day without having to get up off your chair. Dozens of online florists in North America and in Europe are just waiting to hear from you.

There aren't many Mother's Day gifts that I can think of that are as universally welcome as a bouquet of flowers.  Uplifting, thoughtful and attractive, a floral bouquet or can brighten your mother's special day and all it takes from you is a click of the mouse.

Florists have gone out of their way to make the experience of choosing and ordering flowers easy, convenient and secure.

The best online flower delivery services will have great product selection, fast customer support and delivery tracking.  Some company's also commit to providing flowers that have been grown in an ecologically sustainable environment and respective of worker's rights.

Arrangements can vary from a bundle of loosely arranged cut flowers to flowers artfully arranged in a vase.   Here's a few things to consider when choosing an online  florist when you want to send flowers on Mothers Day.

Is the Product Selection what you want?

Whether you're looking for a same-day delivery service or you want to set up a plan to send flowers on other special occasions throughout the year, you'll want to take a look at the florists product selection.

Most florists provide arrangements for specific occasions and the Mother's Day bouquets on offer include a wide selection of flower types in various price categories.  You can usually choose between different styles, arrangements and color combinations.  Roses, daisies and carnations are offered universally.  Lilies are especially popular at Easter.  But other exotic blooms are available depending on the  supplier.

A few florists also offer a selection of gift items to compliment the flowers - the usual stuffed animals, of course, but also gourmet foods, candy, even wine.

Is the Customer Service Good?

A top-notch online floral delivery service will make your experience a smooth one by offering a great selection, having an easy to use ordering procedure, an ability to answer your questions quickly and with courtesy and an ability for you to track delivery.

Is the Ordering Process Smooth and Easy?

You won't be able to find a florist who will deliver everywhere ... but most online florists can deliver to urban centers within the United States and Canada. For an additional fee, some sites offer international deliveries.  Or you can order from a European florist but be prepared to find someone to help you translate.

"Green" Florists - are Available Online

Those of us who live in cold climates hardly ever think that the flowers we are buying have been grown in developing countries. Look for Veriflora and Fair Trade designation if earth and labor-sensitive standards are important to you.  It means that the company's products meet certain environmental, labor and development guidelines.

Sending Flowers on Mothers Day May Become a Habit

Before the onset of online floral delivery service I had an "expensive" experience.  I looked up a florist's number in a distant city, asked them the price of a particular arrangement, gave them my Visa number and the address it was to be delivered.  Oops!  Forgot to ask what the delivery charge was going to be.  When I got my Visa statement I was shocked. Delivery had more than doubled the cost of the flowers.  Lesson learned.

Nowadays that misunderstanding doesn't happen.  All inclusive prices are laid out on the website.

Here's some other ideas if you don't want to send flowers on Mothers Day.

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