Personalized Mothers Day Gifts
For The Brand New Mom

Proud new father?  Delighted grandparents?

Personalized Mothers Day gifts may be the way you can honor the woman who has launched herself on a journey that's going to last a lifetime. 

Her first Mother's Day is a formal recognition of membership in a club with prehistoric origins.  Other Mother's Days will come and go, but this is the one that announces to the world, "This is me.  This is who I am.  I'm a Mom." 

I know you've been wondering what to get her.  Of course, flowers and cards are fine, but because this is her first Mother's Day you might want to think of something more enduring. Something that conveys your love for her and demonstrates that you're acutely conscious of this milestone in her life. 

Dad, with all the new obligations you have on your plate you'll want to be financially responsible.  The gift suggestions below fit a variety of budgets, so no problem there.

Personalized Mothers Day Gifts

Nowadays there's lots of way to personalize gifts by using family photos and I've given you a couple of suggestions below.  I love the book idea!  Besides using photos of Mom and the baby you could feature the house or apartment you bought the baby home to, the car you used for the journey, the family pet who welcomed the new addition...etc. etc.

The personalized pendant idea could become a family tradition...a new tag added each time a new baby arrives in the world.  If you plan on doing something like that I'd choose a company that you expect to be in business in the long term rather than a home-based artisan. 

A wonderful keepsake is a photobook featuring Mom and baby's first days together.  Very easy to do ....just upload a few photos and drop them into a pre-designed book format.  Looks awesome and you can have a single copy printed or multiples in either hard cover or soft.  Check it out here.

Make the moment even more special by having a photo of the new Mom and her precious baby made into a full size tapestry throw.  The blanket is a generous 70 x 53 inches, jacquard woven and hand finished.  Available here.

Have the new baby's name stamped onto a simple stainless steel tag suspended on a ball chain. It's a great alternative to sterling silver, far less expensive as well as hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing!  You can also choose to add a pearl or a birthstone charm to the necklace.  Check it out here.

Similar idea to the stainless steel version above, this aptly branded Posh Mommy sterling silver pendant is embedded with a gemstone of your choice.  As the manufacturer says its, "perfect, precious and beautiful!"   Check it out here.

Personalized Mothers Day gifts made by you!

Dad . . . your kid's going to expect you to know how to make neat stuff so you may as well start now.

This funky heart hangs on the wall with the help of a loop at the top.  I suggested this idea to teenagers looking for something they could make for their mothers and it went over big.  It would work for you, too. 


It's cute.  Mom's like cute. The few hours it will take you to gather supplies and figure out how to make your own version can earn you big time brownie points.  Everybody needs extra brownie points.

Several other reasons make it a good gift for your wife,  now or in the future:

  • the heart shape says it all
  • the time and effort it takes to make it won't go unnoticed by the recipient
  • it's ART so the final outcome can be as rustic or as polished as the skills of the maker.  This one is strung together with wire but who says you can't use colored string or 14 carat gold chain for that matter
  • it lends itself to adaptation:   The twigs can be painted in one hue (pale to dark just by mixing varying amounts of white into the chosen color of inexpensive craft paint, for example) or it can be made from fine hardwoods or whatever turns your fancy.

If twigs aren't your thing you may at least be thinking of what personalized Mothers Day gifts you might like to make the new Mom.

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