Homemade Mothers Day Gifts
that are Easy and that YOU can Afford !

Wow!  Homemade Mothers Day Gifts that Mom will love, are easy to make, and you can afford!

How good is that!

If you were worried that you couldn't afford to give your Mom a present - for Mother's Day, her birthday, Christmas or even Valentine's Day - you can relax.

We've got you covered.

We have some super easy gift ideas that you can make from stuff you probably have around the house and suggestions for a couple of inexpensive gifts you can put together with only a little cash outlay.  There's even a great project that can be done with Grandma.

Check it out.

Easy homemade mothers day gifts . . .

The first project uses tin cans.  If you volunteer to cook dinner tonight and open a couple of cans of pork 'n beans to serve with toast, at the end of the meal you'll have the makings of gift for your Mom.

Clean tin cans make beautiful lanterns.  The full directions are here, but essentially once the cans are clean you fill them with water and freeze until it's solid!  That's so when you get to the next step - hammering a pattern into the tin - you poke the nail into something hard, otherwise you'll bend the sides of the can when you hammer.  Aren't they beautiful?

You can also take empty jars or bottles and make gorgeous vases that look like ocean washed sea glass.  They bottles can also be arranged to hold bracelets.  Use any color you fancy.

You can use the same idea to paint glass candlesticks or old jam jars...anything you can find that's made of glass.

Instructions are here.

Affordable homemade mothers day gifts . . .

This is a great idea and its' free!

Give your mother a book of coupons that you print from this website.   The coupons include the following:

  • five nights of dinner dish duty,
  • two hours of uninterrupted time to herself,
  • one breakfast in bed,
  • one bubble bath and
  • a blank coupon that she can fill in herself.

Directions are on the website and very simple . . . print, cut, fold,staple. Instead of using all the coupons as is, you might want to print them out a couple of times and make your own combination of duties. 

Then there's this idea . . .

You can take advantage of Mother's Day occurring in May when garden centers and grocery stores sell individual pots of herbs for a couple of dollars each.  Buy a small plant and put it into a homemade or recycled container.  My favorite is a tea cup and saucer. 

What ever container you decide on, its important to cover the bottom with a few pebbles to allow the water to settle.  Then just snuggle the plant and the soil it comes with into your chosen vessel. 

There you have it.   Affordable homemade Mothers Day gifts!

Tasty homemade Mothers Day gifts . . .

Cookies or cupcakes . . . yum!

You can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookies.  Everybody loves them. All you have to do is buy a small bag of chocolate chips and follow the recipe on the back.  Don't eat them...they're supposed to be for your Mom.

The only advice I have about making cupcakes is to make sure you pick up those little cupcake papers at the same time you buy a cake mix and frosting.  You don't want to be disappointed because they get stuck in the cupcake tins.

Homemade Mothers Day Gifts that last and last ...

These are ideas for older Moms to give to their Mothers...grandmas in other words. 

There are actually two projects:

  • The first is to help grandma organize her photographs.  She probably has books of old photos that belonged to HER mother's mother,  as well as albums filled with photos of herself taken as a girl, and of course photos taken of her children.  You don't have to go crazy and make fancy scrapbooks of all her photos, but your gift to her and to her descendants is to sit with her once a week and write down whatever information she can recall - names, dates, events and anecdotes.  Its now or never!
  • The second project is to take all that information and make it into a family history book ......waaaaaay easier than you think.  Just pop the photos into a template here, write down the names dates and anecdotes you've got ready and click the "Publish!" button.  You can print one copy or many. Hard cover or soft.  Twelve pages or hundreds. 

That's a gift that goes on giving and giving and giving!  Here's some more homemade Mother's Day gifts.

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