Great Gifts for Moms

Buying gifts for moms is something you kids have been doing for quite awhile and it seems odd that you're needing my help now.  All those handmade cards and crafts you bought home from school were perfect gifts.  Now that your Mom has got older (and so have you) you're trying to complicate matters.

All mom wants to know is that you love her.  It's as simple as that.

But here you are.

Are you worried that she won't like whatever you buy?  Is time running out and you need to make a quick decision?  Are you on a tight budget?  Is your Mom in a nursing home?

We're going to cover it all!

Great gifts for Moms from young people ...

If you're a young reader with very little money to spend on a gift for your Mom, I have a few ideas that might be perfect for you and your budget.  Some of the gifts are free.   

If you have brothers and sisters old enough to chip in you can buy something special online for just a few dollars.   Just remember that if you're underage you may have to give the money to a close family member so that they can do the transaction for you using their Visa or PayPal account.

Great gifts from kids who have real jobs . . .

Some Moms often say they don't want anything for themselves and then, almost in the same breath, offer to help with your rent, your student loan, or pay for a couple of tanks of gas. 

But here's how you can turn the tables:

There are a few exceptions but most mothers of a certain age don't want to immerse themselves in the digital age.  They'll participate to a degree, but don't want to learn how to install, configure, update, de-bug or even try the next big thing? Even a Kindle book?   No, because they have to learn more stuff.

You, child, are your mother's salvation.  Formally offer her lifetime technical support.

Maybe by creating an embellished certificate and having it delivered in such a way that she has to sign for it.

Or better yet . . .

Have the certificate made into a jigsaw puzzle that she has to assemble before she knows what you're giving.

Of course a family photo made into a puzzle would be fun just by itself.

Great gifts for moms who are getting old . . .

Getting harder to buy for the old girl isn't it?  She's getting more set in her ways and its really hard to come up with a gift that she might like let alone need!

But take a page...literally...from the younger generation and write a book about your Mom.  Two good things will come out of it - she will LOVE it and you can call yourself an AUTHOR!

Don't fret.  It's easy.  Using one of many pre-designed layouts from here, you just pop in a few photos, scribble a few words and your Mom can be famous!  Choose a single 12 page soft or hard covered book or write a giant tome.  You can buy a single copy or one for every member of your family.  There's dozens of options . . . even an e-book!  It's fast and affordable!

Even better . . . while you can, mine your Moms memory and her photo albums why don't you create a family history book together.

Great gifts for moms who are nearing the end . . .

Other than a pair of extravagantly beautiful silk slippers there aren't too many "things" that your Mom could use at this stage of her life. Though audiobooks borrowed from the library or downloaded onto one of the technical devices you think she can manage could be a pleasant way for her to pass the time.

And that's the word I was getting to - time.  Time and more time.  Even if you think you can't afford it, give mom your time.  She wants to be with you because you're her connection to the future.

Let me tell you a story.

That was an abbreviated version of what happened.  For a day and a night men and women stood up and told stories about how old Beb'n had contributed to their lives over the years.  They recalled how he he'd taught them to hunt, to read signs, make flour from bulrush, even how to attract a woman!  When I add my life and his together I think he must have been born sometime around 1860. . . in the bush, hundreds of miles from any dot on the map that you'd recognize.  But his memory brushed you today because I'm part of the narrative that was his life. 

Great gifts for moms come in all kinds of packages, don't they?

Note to reader:

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