Girlfriend Gift Ideas
In a Cozy, Comfortable and Long Term Relationship

Girlfriend gift ideas move up a notch when a relationship begins to feel cozy and comfortable and sort of 'meant to be". 

When love was not part of the equation your light-hearted gifts went hand in hand with your light-hearted comittment. 

But when you began to let down your defenses both you and your partner began to notice things about one another that weren't obvious when you were hiding your insecurities.  When your "real" selves showed up, love was a possibility and real intimacy was a prospect on the horizon.

If the Shoe Fits ...

Don't get the idea that because you're having sex you're having an intimate relationship.  You're just having sex. 

Intimate means "essential and innermost".

Trust, integrity and appreciation evolved to make it happen. made it this far.

More Meaningful Gifts

When you start looking for girlfriend gift ideas and the relationship is long term, you don't have to forget the fun and funky and frivolous stuff you used to buy.  But, as a general rule, it's finally appropriate to sometimes buy intimate or expensive gifts that express your deeper appreciation of your partner. Enter clothing (even lingerie), perfume and jewelry.

If this is the first time you've considered buying this kind of stuff, let me give you a heads-up. If you aren't careful you're going to experience a baptism by FIRE!  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Take Clothing . . .

I wouldn't, but hey, you're the one looking for girlfriend gift ideas.  Here's what you have to know to take on the fashion minefield:

  • What size to buy?  Because the label on the little green dress in her closet says Size 8 it doesn't mean that it's safe to buy that size.  Even though it doesn't make any sense, many manufacturers and retailers cut to their own size charts.  Tommy Helfiger Size 8 may be Balenciaga's Size 2.
  • If you get the size wrong does that mean you think she's fat?
  • What "Season" is she.  You don't even know what that means, do you?  But when a "Winter" wears "Fall" colors she looks like a camel so look it up so you never get it wrong.
  • Does she have shoes and a handbag that will compliment the outfit you have in mind?
  • What's in fashion this week anyway?

My Suggestion

Pretend you're working for the CIA for the next six months and your mission is to write a detailed report on what your girlfriend wears to work, on a date, to a party, to church , to a wedding, to go shopping or to hang out on her days off.

The Long Road to Sainthood . . .

Read my suggestion on the right carefully.  I don't mean it facetiously.   I mean it for real.  Even if you don't think you'll ever have the courage to put clothing at the top of your girlfriend gift idea list, this exercise will pay off big time over the years.  When you start to see things through her eyes you may eventually be able to recognize the perfect gift when you see it.  At the very least you'll know what won't work.

Avoiding being wrong in the area of buying gifts is an EXCELLENT skill to have in case the relationship morphs into marriage sometime down the road. Although it's not well known outside a small circle of movers and shakers in the Catholic hierarchy, mastery of this skill will put you on the road to sainthood.

The Secret to Buying Clothing for Your Girlfriend

Despite my dire warnings, you may be cocky enough to try to add to your girlfriend's wardrobe.   Check out the advice for fashionable girlfriend gift ideas here.

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