Gifts for Your Girlfriend
When the Relationship is Warming Up

When you're buying gifts for your girlfriend you have to get a couple of things straight in your own mind before heading out to the Mall. 

Whether you're in your twenties, thirties, forties or fifties ... the first question to answer is where are you at in this relationship?

If you're still here I'm assuming you've been seeing this new lady for a few months.  I'm also thinking that you both have a bunch of stuff in common.  But "like" is the operative word...not "love".

The union is probably monogamous, but you aren't in anyway ready to make a long term commitment.  Eventually you may want to talk to her about that but in the meantime you came here because the subject of gifts for your girlfriend is on your mind.

Why Knowing Where You're At Matters

Being consciously aware of where you're at in a relationship simplifies gift buying because it's an indication of what may or may not be a suitable gift.

For example, without commitment as part of the equation you probably already know that you have no intention of emptying your wallet on something expensively inappropriate.   That's one of the reasons you should stay away from jewelry and lingerie, but there are others:

  • Jewelry because it's waaaay too easy to send the wrong message. 
  • And lingerie because it's too intimate.  Having sex doesn't mean you're having an intimate relationship, it just means you're having sex. 

You want your gift to signal that you appreciate your lady friend, you're paying attention to her likes and dislikes and that you know where her interests lie. 

Buying a meaningful gift for your girlfriend right from the start puts your foot firmly on the path that may eventually lead you to a truly intimate bond.

So How Does That Help You Buy Gifts for Your Girlfriend?

It narrows the options. 

  • You now know you don't want your gift to say "I love you".
  • The gift is probably going to be easy on your wallet.
  • You just have to focus on the lady's interests. 


Before you check out what might be a good gift for any of the personalities below, I have a question?

Is it possible that you've moved along the emotional spectrum  and would actually like a more evolved and committed relationship?  If so, you might consider more personal gifts for your girlfriend .

If not, explore what makes these women happy and see if you can't adapt some of the gift ideas to your own situation.

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