Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom -
But Fun and Affordable for Any Occasion

The heading says Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom but the fun stuff we've come up with would be great for any gift giving occasion on the horizon!

Knowing I was going to write this page, I got to thinking yesterday about birthdays and so on and so forth.  And I thought that not too many of us think that Mom's birthday parties are known for their fun. 

Sure we buy gifts 'cause we love her, we bake her a cake and wish her many happy returns, but on the drive back to your own home do you say to yourself, "Gee, that was fun!"  

What's fun for someone your age might not be considered fun for the next generation. I thought you might benefit if I presented the concept of fun birthday gift ideas for Mom to a local committee of experts.  Between them a total of 608 birthdays have come and gone.  My husband and I haven't added our ages in to the mix because he was busy serving coffee and I was busy taking notes and arbitrating the conversation.

The curmudgeons' guide to a fun birthday party for Mom

At six o'clock every morning, neighbors straggle into my art gallery for their fix of morning coffee, companionship and an opportunity to expound on local and world affairs.  They don't know you or where you live but today they took time out of their busy schedules to offer advice on how you should run your Mom's birthday party. 

I kid you not.

The youngest mentor is 40.  His name is Hughie and that's him in the black shirt and black hat. He works ten days in, four days off in one of the drilling camps up north so only consults part-time.  The oldest guru is 83.  His name is Mel and that's him in the blue shirt and brown hat with his hand on his wife's knee.

The group was presented with this question:

"What kind of unique activities and gifts would a middle-aged or older parent enjoy when family gathers to celebrate their birthday?"  

Middle-aged they decided ranged from 35 t0 60 years, and older meant above ground.

Discussion followed.

To begin with, take heed because they declared:

  • paper hats are a no-no (but two or three festive balloons are OK)
  • noise makers and horns should be left for the party at your house
  • children's games are for children
  • hard liquor should stay in the cabinet (but beer and wine are OK)
  • cell phones should be dropped in the toilet
  • X-Box, computer games and anything similar are out

No surprises there ....but hang on to your hat!  It seems that computers have their place at the party if put to an unlikely use!!!

Idea #1 - An Historic Walking Tour Through Your Mom's Life

You've heard of walking tours of historic neighborhoods? 

The curmudgeons decided that we all have our own interesting histories and wouldn't it be fun to show our families where we grew up, went to school, got married and raised you kids. 

The perfect birthday party medium for this is GOOGLE MAPS!!  Who knew these old guys were so tech savvy?  Must come from hanging out with me!

The curmudgeons got really excited about this idea.  I think it would be fun to work it into your family's celebration. 

Two things to consider:

  • Has Google mapped your Mom's little corner of the world?
  • Is there an adequate internet connection available at the party location?

If so, it's a go!  You'll should have everything prepared for the big event ahead of time...the computer ready and if possible hooked up to a television for easier family viewing

Take a virtual tour of the neighborhood where your Mom grew up. Let her show you the route she took to school, where her best friend lived, where she lived when she married your Dad, etc. etc. 

Have fun.

Here's some other fun birthday gift ideas for Mom

Family Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Have a jigsaw puzzle made from a favorite family photo.  They come cut anywhere from twelve all the way up to 1000 pieces.  I recommend you go for the big one because it will extend the fun of the gift beyond the week of the birthday. 

Personalized M & M's Candy

When it comes to birthday gift ideas for Mom this was is just waaaaay too cute!  Who knew???  You can order personalized M & M's with a birth date AND a photo of your Mom on each candy.  They can be shipped to you in a 1 lb bag or in party favor packs.  How much fun is that!!!

Family Card Tournament

Many of my neighbors said that as far as birthday gift ideas for Mom went, they'd have fun if the family played a few hands of cards at their birthday party.  This may not be for everyone - but if the shoe fits, etc. 

Choices were hearts, whist, crib and bridge.  The women weren't enamored with the idea of playing poker.

So much depends on the mother in question when you're planning a party or buying a gift.  But I thought my friendly neighborhood curmudgeons came up with a couple of good ORIGINAL ideas that you might use.  If not, I have some more traditional birthday gift ideas for Mom.

Note to reader:  I've just started building the website and haven't got all the links live  but am working on it as you're reading this.  Sorry.

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