Searching for the Best Mothers Day Gifts?
Find Them Quickly Without Leaving Your Chair

Looking for the best Mothers Day gifts and feeling a little anxious?   Dread making a trip to the mall?  Maybe just looking for ideas?

After decades of operating a gallery and gift store I know a thing or two about buying gifts for Moms.  And I know where to find them on line. 

Without getting up from your chair you can choose from some of the best Mothers Day gifts on the Net and then get back to your busy life. 

How good is that?

So what do Moms want?

Some Moms say they don't want anything .... (but there's ways around that).  Some Mothers like practical gifts, others appreciate something a little bit personal.  You'll be able to find something that fits your Mom's unique personality and lifestyle.  Maybe you can find a gift that's personalized just for her!

Whatever their age, the bottom line is that Mom's just need to know you love them.

New Moms

It's a sure bet that a first time mom wants acknowledgement on Mother's Day.  She got attention when the baby was born ... but she's had a baptism by fire since then.  For her, Mother's Day is similar to being formally welcomed into the club.

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Moms with Kids

A pictures' worth a thousand words.  Motherhood is hard work.  The thing about looking after kids is that you don't have a moment to yourself.  There is always a part of a mother's brain that's consciously waiting for the next crisis.

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Older Moms

Don't love 'em and leave 'em, kids.  You might not think of her every day but you can be darn sure your mother gives more than a passing thought to you.  She's proud of you, she worries about you, she misses you, she wonders what you're up to. 

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But what if Mom says she wants nothing . . .

So what are the best Mothers Day gifts for a Mom who says she doesn't want anything. 

First of all: she's lying to you. 

Well, not lying exactly.  But there's stuff she's not saying.  She's confused and so are you. 

Here's the thing.

A gift is a communication.  It's a substitute for words.  Your Mom is saying that she  doesn't want or need the traditional Mother's Day offerings.  Mugs and little plaques with the words "Best Mom" scrawled across them don't cut it with her.  Neither do  slippers or a new sweater.  Not because she doesn't appreciate the intention, but the reality is that she doesn't need or want such things. 

What your Mom wants and doesn't know how to tell you is that she desperately needs to know that you love her and that you see her as a person ...not just your Mom.

A mug printed with the words "I Love You" doesn't send her that message.  A change purse printed with photos of all her children might or might not, but its a step in the right direction.

A "painting" made from a favorite family photo is worth a try.

But so will a few hours of your time in her company.  If you live at opposite ends of the planet a half hour phone conversation can express your love, too.   When your talking to her, your job is to peel the onion and see your Mother's talents, fears and hopes for the future.

Remember those construction paper cards you gave her when you were a kid?  If you put all your adult talent and determination into making your own pop-up card that said "I love you, Mom" you'll find it tucked away in a drawer after she dies.

The best Mother's Day gifts are time and memories. 

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