The Best Gifts for a Girlfriend
When the Relationship is Just Getting Started

Shopping for the best gifts for a girlfriend, no matter what her age, can be less stressful if you can get it through your head that a gift is just a communication. It takes the place of words.

I'm often asked by young fellows - teenagers and young guys in their twenties - for advice on what they should buy their girlfriends for a birthday, Christmas or some other occasion.

The first question I ask them is, "How long have you being going together?" 

I can't count how many times the answer has been "Oh, it's been a few weeks already."

I own a gift store, but at that point I usually shoot myself in the foot and say something like, "You're just getting to know her!!  What on earth do you have to say that isn't better expressed in words?"  

In the very early stages of a relationship...when you've only had two or three most cases you don't need to buy your new lady friend a gift because you'll look either desperate or manipulative. Not where you want to be. 

But there might be a couple of exceptions to that rule and worthwhile putting into practice if you think you can pull it off in a deliberately light-hearted manner.

If an event like Valentine's Day or her birthday just happen to correspond close to a date night...go ahead and acknowledge the fact...but don't make a deal of it.  At some point during the evening you can say your version of . . .

"Hey it's ________ fill in the blanks ________ let's go over to Starbuck's and I'll buy you an Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha for the hell of it...or should we go track down a chocolate sundae?"

You're in charge.  Don't spend more than $5.00.  It is just an innocuous acknowledgement of the occasion.  That let's her know you aren't stupid enough to not realize that there are people in the world who make a big deal about giving gifts.

Better yet, it also lets her know that you aren't stupid enough to pretend that those occasions are meaningful at this stage of your relationship.

Depending on how things develop between you and the lady you might want to keep the gift giving at this level for awhile longer...months if need be.

But if the relationship feels like it's going somewhere ... what are the best gifts for girlfriend?

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