Desperate for a Unique Gift Idea ?

Are you searching for a unique gift idea and feeling frustrated?   Overwhelmed maybe?  Do you even have time to go to the Mall?

Do you need an anniversary gift for the wife?  A gift for a Grandma who already has six of everything? Are you that young man looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a new girlfriend?   And just what are you intending to buy for your Mom's birthday?

I Know Where to Find Unique and Unusual Gifts Online.

    Gifts for men, women and kids
    Gifts that are age and personality appropriate              
    Gifts that will fit any occasion that you have in mind
    Gifts that may be free . . . or cost you a bundle

And I'm happy to share the information with you. 

Much of the inspiration for this web site has come from my experience purchasing products for my own very eccentric store.  But many ideas have grown out of a lifetime of buying gifts for friends and family members who have run the gamut from weird to wonderful and befuddled to bitchy. 

Don't expect any prissy gift suggestions from me !

I'm a little old lady well into her eighth decade but intend to die with my boots on while trying to stay abreast of technological marvels that my grand children take for granted.  I live in the real world.  I raised a family of boys so even know a thing or two about choosing gifts for young men that can give them an experience to remember and scare the beejeebers out of them at the same time.

I still operate an art gallery and gift shop in a remote hamlet on the Canadian Badlands. There aren't enough people in the village to make the store viable so I rely on word of mouth advertising to encourage city folk to drive hundreds of miles across windswept prairie for the privilege of opening the door and saying "WOW!"

Folks are surprised to find such distinctive and exceptional merchandise in such an isolated locale. But they've made the effort to find me and they deserve to be rewarded. 

You'll probably never make it to my doorstep so I'm going to walk you through the process of choosing appropriate gift ideas for your friends and family and eventually point you in the direction of an online retailer. Many of the gifts I'm going to suggest can't be wrapped up in a box and hand delivered...they will have to be experienced and that's part of the fun.

Whoever you have in mind, together we can find  a unique gift idea for someone on your list.

Sorry about many of the links not working yet.  I've just started building this website and am working on it as you read this.

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