Picking Berries at the Forks Prairie Orchard

The Forks Prairie Orchard is an oasis of farm fresh fruit and berries near the eastern edge of the Canadian Badlands.  Cathy and Barry Cox have spent half a lifetime nurturing organically grown crops on their land nestled on the banks of the meandering Red Deer River.  See map.

Tips For The
Berry Best Results

Bring  hats, closed toe shoes, sunscreen, mosquito lotion and water. If its a hot day bring a cooler of ice to get your  picken's home.

They pick, u-pick, or better yet the kids pick all the berries you can handle.

Pails and other containers are available for sale but save some money and bring your own.

And it's a good idea to bring along a picnic basket so that you can relax in the garden and enjoy the multitude of songbirds, game birds and woodpeckers that make the orchard their home. 

Hours of Operation

July to October

By chance (which is most often) of call ahead

Phone: 403-565-2191  Cell 1-306-628-7215


After months of watching the weather, waiting for the blossoms to fade, watering the roots and watering again...early in July the orchard is finally rewarded with the first crop of the year...juicy saskatoons.


In late July the raspberries follow the saskatoons in short order so plan to make a couple of trips to catch both crops. The flavor of freshly picked raspberries is a memory you can share with your children or grandchildren.

Sour Cherries

Pucker up!  By August the sour cherries are ripe for the picking.  Their firm flesh makes them great for pies, jams, juices and compotes.  The tartness mellows during the cooking process.


In August heavy clusters of shiny dark chokecherries often pull the branches to the ground.  The astringent berries make superb jams and jellies because their acidic nature sets the preserves without needing to resort to Certo or the like.


Five varieties of prairie plums are ready for harvest by the end of August or early September.

They're the small cling-stone fruit are perfect to eat by the handful.


The Forks Prairie Orchard cooperates with the University of Saskatchewan to test apples for winter hardiness and quality. They grow 40 varieties of eating and cooking apples!!!  Five of them are named, the remainder are numbered. Take a taste test and see if you’d like some in your garden!

Preserves and Pies

Cathy's pies and preserves are available at the commercial kitchen facilities on site.  She  makes saskatoon, saskatoon-rhubarb and apple pies using a secret crust recipe. 

Jars of jams and jellies start becoming available as each fruit season rolls around.


The Forks Prairie Orchard is a snug valley oasis at the point where the Red Deer River meets the South Saskatchewan.  The fruit and the water attract wildlife galore!

Deer, elk, moose, beaver, muskrat butterflies and birds, birds, birds.  The orchard is on the Arctic-Gulf of Mexico flyway.

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